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Proven Process

Clients choose us for our proven six-step analysis and strategy development method that identifies the underlying skills and personality needed to make a long-term career and culture fit for both the company and the candidate.

About Us

We are a team of individuals who are passionate about helping patients live healthier and longer lives as a result of the work we do. We are well known for our speed, accuracy and the longevity of our candidate’s tenure.

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If you need to hire one person for a critical position or a team of individuals to ramp up a new product, we are here to help you find the right candidate(s). We look forward to hearing from you by phone or email.

Areas of expertise


JBK Search is wildly excited about the impact CRISPR might have on cystic fibrosis to address the genetic mutations that cause the disease by editing a patient’s genetics thereby correcting the mutation itself.

Rare Disease

JBK Search’s unwavering passion for finding the best of the best stems from her daughter’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) as well as her son’s diagnosis of Type 1 disease. We will not let up in the rare disease space until CF stands for “cure found”.


JBK Search’s 30 years of experience has allowed us to enjoy positive changes in the industry. Steve Jobs said, “The biggest innovation of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology.” JBK Search remains in the intersection with our clients.


JBK Search celebrates the early and impressive examples of biotechnology such as the production of insulin, which has positively impacted millions of diabetics, including our founder’s son. We continue to follow advancements in biotech and it’s solution for many medical fields.

Molecular Diagnostics

JBK Search is passionate about getting patients diagnosed as early as possible. The technological advancements in MDx continue to play a major role in the early diagnosis of infectious disease, cancer, genetics and other diseases.

And many more…

View our Expertise page for a full list of our core areas and positions.

Services We Provide

Permanent Placement

On a retainer/engagement or contingency basis, JBK Search operates on an exclusive basis.  We work very closely with our clients using a rigorous process to come up with a shortlist of pre-qualified and interested candidates.

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Contract Staffing

Many of our clients need to hire exceptional talent without increasing headcount. JBK Search provides expert contract and temporary talent that you can trust in order to increase productivity and drive bottom line results for your business

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Project Work

A pharmaceutical client needed to hire 100 sales reps in order to rollout a new drug. A major hospital needed to hire 32 nurses prior to opening day. In these cases and many more, JBK Search assembled a project team and the hires were made in record time.

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Our Leadership

Brenda Patterson


Phone: 317-245-8085


Brenda Patterson, Founder and President of JBK Search, is a 30-year award-winning recruiter and leader with a passion for helping patients live longer and healthier lives as a result of placing the very best candidates with future-thinking companies.

Jake Patterson



Jake builds talent pipelines and supports the recruitment team. He builds strong candidate pools, manages JBK’s advertising operations and social media outreach.

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Indianapolis: (317) 245-8085
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